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AVG Antivirus struggles, Kaspersky and BitDefender still tops

[frame align=”left”] [/frame]The August 2013 real world antivirus tests have been released by AV Comparatives and the results may surprise you.

First, a little bit of background.  AV Comparatives is the world’s leading independent antivirus testing lab.  They have no affiliations and don’t accept any advertising money which can tend to taint reviews.  Their real world tests are published based upon threats discovered in every day usage.  They’re not simulated or based on test scenarios, they’re the real deal.  As close as it gets to imitating how you and I would use our computers in every day life.

To me the biggest surprise was how badly AVG performs.  Once touted as the number one free solution (up until version 8.5 we were actively promoting it ourselves), AVG has fallen badly.  One thing most people want is to have to deal with their antivirus as little as possible.  They want the antivirus software to do all the work and not bug them.  What’s surprising about AVG is that it ranks the worst out of any antivirus software on the chart for being able to take care of things on its own.  A huge percentage of it’s effectiveness is based upon bugging you and demanding that you tell it what to do.  That makes for a very ineffective and annoying solution.  Scratch AVG from the list.

What was no surprise to me was that Kaspersky and BitDefender achieved near perfect results without any user intervention at all.  That is the ideal scenario.  “Just do your job, don’t bug me”.  It’s no small wonder they’ve both achieved product of the year.  They’re also the top two solutions we recommend here at Northern Protocol Inc.

Another result I was pleased to see was Avast.  While it didn’t rank as highly as Kaspersky and BitDefender, it easily held it’s own and for the most part outperformed almost all of the other contenders.  What’s even better about that is that it’s free!  Yes, they have a paid version and every now and again they’ll bug you to buy it, but it’s still a free download and does a great job.  In fact that’s what I use at home.

That’s what we’re all about.  We do the research so that you don’t have to.  We closely monitor the industry to be able to give you the best solutions for your money.  If it’s too late and you’re already infected, we can help you.  We are experts in virus removal, Barrie.  If you need help removing viruses, contact us today.

You can view the actual AV Comparatives report here.

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