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Greg Trojan says:

When I decided to build myself an expensive gaming computer, I had to do a lot of research on the parts I needed to get the performance I desired for the streaming and many games I play. With the help of the people at Northern Protocol, I learned much more about the parts in question. They explained the depth of the specs of each item, and discussed price options that fit within my budget. A gentleman named John took charge of assembling my computer once I had ordered all of the parts, and I have to admit that I am overly satisfied! The organization of all of the cables was flawless, everything worked cleanly as expected, and the technical support he provided was great! He seemed almost as excited as I was to have it built :). When I encountered a software problem that I didn’t understand about activating my second hard drive, I gave them a ring and they answered and addressed my issue as quickly as they could, and it was shortly resolved over the phone with much professionalism. There front desk customer service is also something I really valued, in addition to their computer knowledge and service expertise.

Northern Protocol is a Barrie based company, and if your in the area, I highly recommend going to them with any computer inquiries. Being a small company that they are, it seems that they really value their individual customers and rely on local advertising/word of mouth for their business. The staff they have on hand seem to all be very rehearsed in their respective computer fields, and are also very friendly and informative to customers. I believe they are a much better option than the big named companies like Best Buy or Future Shop. Friendly small town customer service goes a long way, and I am very glad to have discovered Northern Protocol.

All in all, Aaron Weston is running a great business, with good staffing and computer expertise to answer any purchasing, troubleshooting or general questions one may have. And lastly as a result, I have one BEAST of a computer!!!

Thanks Northern Protocol

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