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John Gray says:


I wanted to thank you and the staff at Northern Protocol for the great job you did on my new computer. Building a custom computer is a difficult task in itself, but add to that a combination of special needs software and you have your work set out for you. Not only did your expert technicians succeed in creating a state of the art computer, the delivery and set up was professional as well as friendly and informative. Understandably I had many questions. They were handled in a friendly and informative manner.

Like any new high-tech device, there may be an adjustment or two. Your after sale support was excellent. Personally delivering and setting up my computer on your own time, on a Sunday evening, is over and above the call of duty. I am also impressed with your remote support. Having my computer fine tuned from a remote location is not only an efficient way of providing technical support, the customer has the peace of mind of knowing his computer is being serviced without having to take it to a shop or wait for a service technician to show up at his location.

I can say with confidence I recommend you and Northern Protocol for all computer sales and service needs. You also have permission to forward this email to any potential customers.

Thanks again

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