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Norton class action is official

A while back we mentioned that there is a possibility that Symantec, the makers of Norton, were going to be sued for allegedly shoddy products filled with known security flaws that were never fixed.  I was recently notified that this class action has in fact been filed and is proceeding to trial.

As many of my clients already know we’ve spoken many times about why you don’t want to use Symantec/Norton on your computers. We’ve spoken about the large number of problems with Norton, the reality behind the misleading Norton reviews and even the fact that source code for Symantec’s Endpoint protection was stolen off their own servers. Finally we went so far as to say “if they recommend Symantec, run” and posted a video of a Symantec exploit in action.

If you’ve been using Norton products and want to join the class action John Archibald wants to hear from you.  For more information use the contact information below or visit

Please note: This class action is available to Ontario residents only at this time.

John Archibald, LL.M.

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