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Phone scams – The Codero and

We were called to a location the other night of another victim of the “Windows Support” scam that seems to be an ongoing problem.  East Indian people call your home and tell you they’re from Microsoft tech support or even just tech support and they’ve noticed problems with your Windows computer.  In this particular case our client was a prime target because he had just had problems with his computer the evening before.

The scammers in this case were from a website called  After they conned our client into giving him access to the computer they proceeded to show him his error logs and how his computer was destined for doom unless he give them money.  In his case it was $189.56 USD.  They lured him to a payment portal provided by (which is also run by The Codero scammers and Riad Saaqeb).  The invoice from / states that he purchased “PCHELPNSUPPORT”.

Over the next several hours the scammers ran rampant through his computer.  He called us in when he realized he’d been duped and scammed, fearing that they now had access to all his banking information and passwords.  We attended the location to complete a forensic examination to find out exactly what The Codero Scammers did.  As it turns out, it wasn’t all that bad…in a sense.  The Codero/EasyPayWay version of “Windows Support” and saving our client from certain doom was quite simple.  They installed a free program called CCleaner and erased his entire Windows log history and deleted his temporary files.  They then ran Windows Updates.  That’s it.  Nothing else was touched.

There you go.  For $200 they did pretty much nothing.  That’s why I call and EasyPayWay clan a scam.  They lie to your face, instill the fear of God into you with harmless events in the error log and then wipe them all out, in essence giving you no value for your money.  I might stress that using CCleaner to delete all of the events in the error log doesn’t fix any potential problems.  What it does do, though, is prevent the next East Indian scammer from using them to scare the daylights out of you and legitimate technicians for troubleshooting the real problems (if they exist).  A little “self-preservation” if you would.  Maybe they don’t like competition.  Who knows.  Whatever it is, these people are scamming you…ripping you off…by lying to you and using technical terms to confuse you.

Just for what it’s worth, and maybe even a little chuckle, they called me at home.  Obviously they had no idea who I was so I had the pleasure of dragging them along for 20 minutes to get a good idea of how they worked and what tactics they used to fool the consumer.  I had the pleasure of talking to their “senior tech” and their “manager” before they finally gave up and realized they weren’t getting any money out of me.  They basically misused acronyms to try and make their case by pretty much making up their own definitions, had me open a command prompt and do a directory listing to show me all the bad files, had me run the Services.msc snap-in to show me all the bad services that shouldn’t be running and the error log in Administrative tools.

Don’t get scammed by or  Simply hang up the phone and run Windows Updates.  You’ll save yourself $189.56 or more.  If they have managed to fool you into buying into their scam, call your credit card company to file a report to play it safe.  Scammers don’t typically have world-class morals.  If you’re interested to see who owns and you can click here for the whois information. A quick little investigation reveals that Riad and his scam machine also owns

Riad hosts his website at on 4849 Alpha Road in Dallas, Texas. You can email them at [email protected] if you want.

A little information from their “invoice”.

The Codero Limited
House 265 Road 19 Mohakhali DOHS
Dhaka Dhaka Bangladesh

Merchant Bank ID THECODERO25351362587088945
Merchant Bank UID 505799

Here’s a nice satellite image:

And a nice photo of the neighborhood.  Not a bad looking locale actually:

Image of the codero scammers neighborhood.

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