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“Photo Gallery can’t open this picture or video. The file appears to be damaged, corrupted or is too large”

Have you ever been trying to view your pictures in Windows Photo Viewer/Gallery and run across the error “Photo Gallery can’t open this picture or video. The file appears to be damaged, corrupted or is too large”? You can still see the thumbnails, but not open the picture? Maybe they worked ok before, but suddenly they don’t? Or you can’t open them in Photo Gallery, but you can in another program like QuickTime PictureViewer?

Chances are your TEMP folder is either missing, damaged or corrupted. Windows Photo Viewer needs that temp folder to open the pictures.

How to change the TEMP folders in Windows 7.

  1. Click on your Start button (WIndows Logo)
  2. Right Click on Computer in the second column and select Properties
  3. In the left column of the Window that pops up you’ll see “Advanced system settings”.  Click on that.
  4. In the window that pops up (called System Properties) there are five tabs.  The middle one is Advanced. That tab should already be selected.  If not, select it.
  5. In the bottom right corner of the System Properties tab, click on the Environment Variables button.
  6. In the Environment Variables window there is a white box at the top.  There are two entries.  TEMP and TMP.  You’ll need to edit both of these.
  7. Single click on each one and click Edit.  In the second line, the “Variable value”, change the entry to where you want the TEMP folder to be.  Make sure it’s a valid location.
  8. Click OK on each of the three Windows and reboot.

Once you’ve done that try opening your pictures again.  Everything should be back to normal.  Note that if this does fix the problem, the concern is “why did that happen to begin with?  At that point you may want to have us look at the computer to find out.  If you need help with this or any other computer repair challenge, call us at 705.739.2.FIX (349).  We’re here to help!

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