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Save your laptop battery life!

This question comes up quite often because of the number of computers we repair, Barrie, so I’d like to address it in this post. Many people don’t realize that your laptop will work just fine without the battery in it. The problem is that many models of laptops will charge the battery even when the charge drops one or two percent. What happens, then, is that the battery is consistently getting charged. This constant cycling of the battery wears the battery down so that eventually the cells “wear out” and are no longer able to hold a charge.

If you’re going to leave your laptop plugged in for long periods of time you should always remove the battery to avoid shortening it’s life. On certain models, like the Macbook Pro unibody, you can’t do that. Fortunately the Macbook Pro will not charge the battery, even plugged in, unless the battery charge drops below about 95%. The Fujitsus and some HP ProBooks will not try to charge the battery unless they drop below 95% charge as well.

For shorter periods of time being plugged in it’s best to plug it in and let it charge fully, then run it on battery until it’s almost “dead” before plugging it back in.

These simple steps will help extend the life of your battery considerably. As always if you have any questions don’t hesitate to contact us at 705.739.2.FIX (349). We’re here to help!

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