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27 Jun SBS 2008 – Error Code 0×800ccc6c – Verify that the mailbox exists and that the Exchange receive connectors are configured properly.

Often server error codes can be really misleading, which is no different than Windows error codes really.  Today we ran into an error on a client’s Small Business Server 2008. The symptom was that nobody could receive email.  While diagnosing the problem I found emails that were stuck at their web host because of their size, but after deleting them during testing I found that emails in SBS 2008 still weren’t flowing properly.  Looking into the error logs I found this cryptic message:

An error occurred while delivering mail to [email protected] on the SMTP server ‘localhost’. The error code was 0×800ccc6c. Verify that the mailbox exists and that the Exchange receive connectors are configured properly.

Odd.  The configuration hadn’t been changed in ages.  Why is this a problem all of a sudden?  I started digging around.  As it turns out they were almost out of space on their system partition where the SBS 2008 Exchange mailboxes were stored.  There was almost 4GB of space left on the drive, but SBS 2008 decided that wasn’t enough to store their emails resulting in an error code 0x800ccc6c.  Freeing up drive space allowed the emails to start flowing again.

Here are a couple of tips for freeing up some drive space on your server:

  1. If you leave the console logged in and locked all the time, it’s continually generating log files which can get pretty big.  Deleting those will free up a lot of space.
  2. Move the SBS 2008 Exchange database to a different partition that has lots of free space.

So there you have it.  If you’re getting odd error messages in the logs for the POP connector in SBS 2008, first look at the amount of free drive space.

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