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Dear Aaron:

My partner, Wayne Anderson and I are huge Northern Protocol fans!!!  We are home computer users.

I became a Northern Protocol client because a very dear friend of mine had a computer disaster.  All of her company computers were “fried” by an electrical storm.  When she told head office that she was going to call in Northern Protocol, they would not hear of it!  “If anyone was able to restore anything on the computers, which was doubtful, it would be them and not “someone in Barrie!”  They came up from Toronto, retrieved the computers, and were unable to restore one thing on Marlene’s computers.  She called Northern in desperation and you miraculously restored absolutely everything on her computers!!!

Hence, I have been a devoted Northern Protocol customer for years.  I boast about Northern Protocol every chance I get.

Jim Losee has been helping Wayne and I since being in your employ.  He had only been with you about one week when he paid us his first visit.  Wayne and I are “antiques”, but Jim is infinitely patient with us.  He listens, assesses the situation and accommodates our needs in what will be the best and easiest manner for our use.  He is a true gem.  It is very comforting to know that when we need help, we can reach out to Jim, whom we hold in high regard.

Aaron, thank you for your television commercials

When you are out of the Country and your computer fails you, who do you call? Aaron at Northern Protocol. I am originally from Barrie Ontario and since have moved to the United States. I was experiencing a few issues and technical difficulties with my laptop. I messaged Aaron and asked for his help, and though we are now in two different countries, he was able to use a program to work directly inside my computer and correct what needed correction, add and delete what was needed for the performance of my laptop to get back on track. Aaron dedicated over 2 hours of his time tonight, to the satisfaction of his client, myself. His dedication to all his clients, local and far is why, Northern Protocol is still my #1 choice that I trust to get my computer issues resolved.

Thank you for your time tonight Aaron.

All the best, Lori Bonamie.

I would like to take this time to give a Huge Shout Out to Northern Protocol Inc. – Computer Repair and Sales for helping me choose and purchase a refurbished Off Lease Laptop that truly rocks! With High Performance and Productivity along with business-class control for simplified management makes this a Perfect Choice for my personal and business needs. I was also very happy with their team of experts who set up my laptop and had everything installed and ready-to-go for me! Thank you Aaron Weston!

Aaron has gone above and beyond the level of expectations in regards to the service and quality of product he has provided and delivered us since the first day we met (by coincidental chance as he came highly recommended), through a mutual colleague. I have gotten to know this company over the past few months and what is mind blowing is every time I have interacted with this business I constantly have been treated with the highest level of service and appreciation.


I respect the fact that they have always been honest and upfront with me and instead of “up-selling,” or “pushing product or service,” instead they took the time to explain what would best suit mine and my business needs from a economic standpoint. Which is very rare I find these days. Aaron especially always made me feel like the door is always open so you know you aren’t just a quick sale or turnover but yet building a long relationship. Typically I don’t do “reviews,” but when a company goes above and beyond for me, I feel this is the least I could do in appreciation by letting others know they are in good hands!

You can’t say enough good things about this business. They walked me through purchasing a gaming computer for my son with ease. Each staff member I was in contact with was able to answer all my questions in a friendly manner which I was able to understand. From the front desk staff to the technicians who put the unit together, everyone was excellent. I would buy another computer here or take a computer here to be fixed without hesitation.

A great experience from the friendly greetings each time I’d walk in to the simple explanation of what was going on with my PC. They offered alternative solutions to the problem, with pros and cons of each, which made the decision simple. They did not push the most expensive options, and I found the pricing quite reasonable compared to past experiences with others. Its nice to see the time taken to keep inside of my PC neat and tidy as well as the external add ons match,(unlike past experiences with others). If you want to go with JoeK computers out of their garage because they’re a little cheaper you will get what you pay for. Cheapness. Made that mistake before. Then when problem persists in a few months, try Northern Protocol they’ll fix it properly. Definitely a repeat customer.

I got my computer fixed here just before school started in September during their busy time of year, they were quick and very helpful and i feel i got what i paid for. I had a 2nd issue come up with my computer about 3-4 days after having gotten it back, they fixed the 2nd issue and didn’t even charge me for their time, just the replacement part. They were always friendly and helpful! I will totally be bringing my computer and other electronics back to this place!

Thank-you very much to the staff of Northern Protocol at Bayfield Street in Barrie. Their front line staff were very courteous and knowledgeable. Anytime i called the office the technicians were quite willing to to the time to explain what was happening. The code scanner included in the service document allowed me to keep track of my computer without calling the office. I would recommend Northern Protocol to anyone.


Lloyd Winsor, Barrie