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Thank you for the great service and prompt attention to my computer issues. Jim is a class act and took the time to explain the work done and helped me set up my new computer. I’m very grateful for your help and thrilled to pieces having my old photos back. Thank you again from a very satisfied customer.

Big thanks to Tyler, who understood my concerns, and special thanks to Aaron – taking your laptop to get fixed is like taking your car into a mechanic – its scary.  Northern Protocol’s team is very knowledgeable, efficient and understands time is money.  Highly recommend their services!



Excellent staff amazing fast service. I had a faulty graphics card and with little to no experience in graphic cards I turned to them. They are extremely friendly, helpful and know everything I needed to find out about my PC. Not only did they figure out what was wrong but I was also able to buy the one of the best graphic cards on the market through them and they installed it super fast for me. Their prices are cheap for the quality of service you get from them. I will always bring my PC back there.

Aaron and his team are dedicated to customer service along with honest, helpful and prompt communication. I brought my laptop in for a screen replacement and tune-up and it was promptly done. Even when the screen they installed came with one faulty pixel, they promptly contacted their supplier and it was replaced again, no questions asked. Speaking of questions, I’m an experienced user but always have questions of the basic and trending variety, and Aaron and his staff have been nothing but helpful, courteous and very informative.

I am writing to thank Aaron and the staff of Northern Protocol for their recent support. I am way behind the times and just got the internet in my home for the first time this week, Prior to this, I took my tower in to their shop to have my data removed. The staff was very supportive and explained to me what I needed to know. I now realize that this company can provide the technical support I will need in the future as I learn and use my system. The hesitation I had in getting on-line at home was the concern that I would need a trusted company to confer with and now |i realize I have found this in Northern Protocol.

With thanks, Mandy.

I’ve always been able to troubleshoot my computers on my own, but last year I finally ran into an issue I couldn’t resolve. Northern Protocol was able to find the issue and retrieve all of my data. The process took a number of days and I was pleasantly surprised that NP would call every couple of days with an update on their progress so I wasn’t kept in the dark about how it was going.

Dear Aaron:

My partner, Wayne Anderson and I are huge Northern Protocol fans!!!  We are home computer users.

I became a Northern Protocol client because a very dear friend of mine had a computer disaster.  All of her company computers were “fried” by an electrical storm.  When she told head office that she was going to call in Northern Protocol, they would not hear of it!  “If anyone was able to restore anything on the computers, which was doubtful, it would be them and not “someone in Barrie!”  They came up from Toronto, retrieved the computers, and were unable to restore one thing on Marlene’s computers.  She called Northern in desperation and you miraculously restored absolutely everything on her computers!!!

Hence, I have been a devoted Northern Protocol customer for years.  I boast about Northern Protocol every chance I get.

Jim Losee has been helping Wayne and I since being in your employ.  He had only been with you about one week when he paid us his first visit.  Wayne and I are “antiques”, but Jim is infinitely patient with us.  He listens, assesses the situation and accommodates our needs in what will be the best and easiest manner for our use.  He is a true gem.  It is very comforting to know that when we need help, we can reach out to Jim, whom we hold in high regard.

Aaron, thank you for your television commercials