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Text Editor for Large Files

Notepad and Wordpad are pretty decent text editors for small files, but what happens when your file is hundreds of megabytes or even over a gigabyte?  Trying to work with text files that large in Notepad or Wordpad causes them to crash or stop responding.  Today I was editing a database file that was 500MB in size.  Notepad crashed trying to open it.  Wordpad opened it and stopped responding once I tried to do anything.

I found a very useful text editor to work with large files.  In Linux there’s a great editor called VIM which stands for Vi IMproved.  Vi is the basic text editor that comes with Linux.  It can be difficult to use unless you happen to know all the keyboard shortcuts or know where to find them.  Well lucky for us more plain folk VIM also compiled a version of VIM called gVim that included a GUI (graphical user interface) so you can just click on the command you want.

Even the find and replace function is a simple click in a menu.  It’s a slick, very easy to use free text editor.

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If you want a great text editor for large files click here to download gVim.

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