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Wendi and Cary Firlotte say:

I am writing to express my gratitude for your great service. When our computer failed and we were informed by another computer repair company that it was a hard drive problem. I was extremely upset and disappointed as we had a lot of irreplaceable pictures as well as a library of music purchased from itunes. We neglectfully did not back up our files.

We left our computer with another repair company in town where they told us they may be able to retrieve some of the files. They had our computer for over 2 months and after several requests from us they finally told us they couldn’t get anything off of it. My husband saw your sign on the way home and thought he would give it one more try for my sake.

We were both so excited when you called back within an hour and said our computer is ready to be picked up and was fixed. Not only did you retrieve our pictures we got our computer back to the same state before we lost everything for a fraction of the cost of the estimate given from the other repair shop. We now know the value of backing up files.

We greatly appreciate your service and have relayed our pleasure to numerous people. We hope that we can contribute to the growth of your business as we will highly recommend your great service to everyone we know.

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