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Windows 8 keyboard shortcuts

As I mentioned in a previous post we can make your new Windows 8 look, feel and work like Windows 7.  However if you rather like the new look here are some keyboard shortcuts to make your life easier:

Hold the Windows + C keys together to bring up the charms bar.  This gives you access to search, share and change Windows 8 settings.

Press the Windows + Tab keys together to switch through programs that are running.

Hold  the Windows key + the period key to snap an open program to the right side of your screen. To snap it to the left, hold the Windows key + Shift + the period key.  This will give each open program exactly half the screen to be able to use two programs at the same time.

Hold down ALT + F4 keys to close any open programs.

Hold the Windows key + Z to bring up the options menu.

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